Overview of Ena-city

ena_volunteer_rice_terrace2The city of Ena is an area with lush natural environment surrounded by mountains such as Mt. Ena and Mt. Kasagi.
Kiso and Agi river flows through beautiful scenic Ena valley.

Ena is also a treasure trove of historical sites including Oi-juku, one of the 67 post towns on the Nakasendo; the ruins of Iwamura Castle, one of three Japan’s greatest mountain castles; and the Japan Taisho Village, which preserves the atmosphere of the Taisho period (1912-1926).

The city was originally founded on April 1, 1954, but it merged with four towns and a village from the former Ena District to form the new city of Ena on October 25, 2004. The other municipalities participating in this merger were: Akechi, Iwamura, Kamiyahagi, Kushihara, and Yamaoka.

The fact of Ena (as of February 2014):
Prefecture: Gifu Prefecture
Population: 52,606 (19,496 family units)
Area: 504.19 km²
Flower of the City: Bamboo lily
Tree of the City: Acer pycnanthum (similar to red maple)

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