Overview of the volunteer project in Iwamura, Ena-city

ena-voluteer iwamuraIwamura in Ena City is known as the winner of the “7th Beautiful Japanese Village Landscape Contest” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Its basin region is filled to the brim with picturesque rice paddies. Also, the old streets of Iwamura have been selected as one of the 100 beautiful historical landscapes in Japan.

Volunteers spend most of the time in supporting a group called “Nekko” meaning “a root” in Japanese. Nekko provides children with an opportunity to cultivate a field and grow vegetables. Through the experience of harvesting vegetables children are expected to acquire a sense of accomplishment and appreciation of food.

Besides helping Nekko’s activities, volunteers take part and enjoy events such as kayaking and walking with locals.

Length 4 August – 17 August 2014
Location Iwamura, Ena-city, Gifu-prefecture
Station Iibama Station by Akechi Rail Line (25 min. from Ena station)
Host NPO Eureka International
Numbers recruiting 2
Accommodation Volunteers stay at a private house.
Facilities A kitchen, restroom, bathroom and laundry will all be available. Moreover, internet is available and a supermarket is nearby.
Meals Three times a day. Volunteers take turns and cook for themselves. You will get some assistance from the house owner.
Work ● Harvesting summer vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes and cucumbers)
● Pulling/Mowing unnecessary grass in a vegetable garden
● Supporting a children’s camp by setting up sites and organizing activities such as fireworks and a “test of courage” (a night event in a forested shrine)
● Assessing the possibilities of Iwamura area and find what would attract tourists in foreign visitor’s point of view. Giving a brief presentation to local people
● Taking care of children from kindergarten to elementary school
● Supporting events such as kayaking and walking with the locals
Things to bring Sleeping bag, clothes suitable for outdoor activities, cap/hat, rubber boots (can be purchased), swim suits, things to introduce volunteer’s country and etc…

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