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Overview of Ena City

ena_volunteer_rice_terrace2Ena City (Ena-shi) is a city in the Tōnō region of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. As of April 2015, the city has an estimated population of 52,606. The total area is 504.19 km².

The city was originally founded on April 1, 1954, but it merged with four towns and a village from the former Ena District to form the new city of Ena on October 25, 2004. The other municipalities participating in this merger were: Akechi, Iwamura, Kamiyahagi, Kushihara, and Yamaoka.

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About the organizer of this project

The volunteer project in Ena is organized by NPO Eureka International.

The mission of NPO Eureka International is to provide opportunities for people to promote a change in perception and to discover their own unique talents through the experience of cultural exchange. We are contributing to the development of a community with positive energy by cultivating people who have an open mind and enjoy being creative and innovative.