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2015 Schedule

August 1st – 14th

Date Activities
8/1 (SAT) Welcome Party, Meeting
8/2 (SUN) Vegetable Garden Work and Iwamura Sightseeing
8/3 (MON) Non-work Day
8/4 (TUE) Support Forest Preservation Activity
8/5 (WED) Support Stencil Workshop
8/6(THU) Support Children’s Day Camp
8/7 (FRI) Visit Ena Kita Elementary SchoolIkebana Experience
8/8 (SAT) Support Forest Preservation Activity
8/9 (SUN) Support Walking Event
8/10 (MON) Non-work Day
8/11 (TUE) Vegetable Garden Work
8/12 (WED) Vegetable Garden Work
8/13 (THU) Cleanup Activity, Appreciation Ceremony、Iwamura Fireworks
8/14 (FRI) End of the Project
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2014 Schedule

4th – 17th August

Date Activities
8/4 (MON) Welcome Party, Meeting
8/5 (TUE) Visit Iwamura Elementary School、Iwamura Sightseeing
8/6 (WED) Vegetable Garden Work、Iwamura Observation
8/7 (THU) Visit Ena Kita Elementary School、Ikebana Experience
8/8 (FRI) Non-work Day
8/9 (SAT) Support Kayak Event
8/10 (SUN) Support Walking EventVisit Japanese Agar Factory
8/11 (MON) Non-work Day
8/12 (TUE) Support Children’s Day Camp
8/13 (WED) Vegetable Garden Work、Stencil Experience、Iwamura Fireworks
8/14 (THU) Vegetable Garden Work
8/15 (FRI) Cleaning Activity、Presentaion on Iwamura Tourism Resources
8/16 (SAT) Appreciation Ceremony、Visit Local Festival
8/17 (SUN) End of the Project